Through the years, the custom home building industry has been challenged to present home buyers with a unique yet quality product at affordable prices that not only meets customer needs but exceeds their expectations. Few have met this challenge with the success of Perk Builders. In business for over 30 years, Perk Builders has been constructing custom homes in Southern Louisiana area with an attention to service and quality unparalleled by most of the competition. From the ground up of your dream home, you can count on consistently superior quality and service. But just about every custom home builder claims to offer excellent service and superior quality. What sets Perk Builders apart from the competition?

Everyone at Perk Builders knows and understands that the process of constructing a custom home can be confusing, stressful and mired in details easily overlooked without prior experience. Since 1987, the folks at Perk Builders have dedicated themselves to making the process of designing and constructing your dream home as easy and comfortable as possible. Not just when your dream home is complete, but right from the start, Perk Builders makes you feel at home every step of the way. They work closely with you from beginning to end to ensure that every aspect of your vision is met, every desire considered and every need addressed.

Perk Builders has succeeded in finding the formula to ensure the success of every custom home they build. Right from the start, by combining superior service, quality products, materials and workmanship, dynamic style and design and a feeling of comfort throughout the entire process, they have established themselves as a leader in the custom home industry. They confidently say with the history of success, knowledge, expertise and experience to support it.


“Let us make all your dreams come true”




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